Millions of people spend time performing workouts they’ll never stick to, diets that are impossible to keep up and fitness gimmicks that never really work. Your mobile personal trainer is here so you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. At Mobile Personal Training we are not content with providing quick-fix solutions, instead we deliver a made-to-measure personal training experience that elicits long-term, sustainable results. It’s not called “personal” training simply because it’s one-on-one, it’s supposed to be personalised as well and personalised training is about more than creative exercise selection and programme design.

Our focus at Mobile Personal Training is on designing personal training sessions tailored to your individual anatomy, current ability and your tolerance for exercise. Your mobile personal trainer will create a totally unique exercise experience based on your specific needs and goals.

The MPT Coaching System

The MPT quick and comprehensive initial fitness assessment will determine your unique starting point. Your MPT trainer will assess your health and readiness for exercise with a simple medical questionnaire prior to your training experience. They’ll follow this up with a speedy movement screen to determine your unique physical capabilities.

With a clear understanding of your goals, your strengths and your areas for development, we get to work. Every exercise, movement and repetition you perform during your mobile personal training sessions is tailored to you unique capabilities. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here.

You’ll receive an holistic array of tools designed to guarantee your success. You’ll have access to in-depth nutritional coaching, digital home workouts, intelligent progress tracking tools and lots more.

At MPT we make your personal training results measured and tangible. Intelligent progress tracking tools continually measure your bodies improvements. You’ll learn how to accurately track your progress at home, you’ll then upload your results to the online digital results tracker.

The MPT outcome-based coaching system ensures your trainer knows exactly how you’re responding to your training experience and tells them when it’s appropriate to progress or regress the training stimulus. Our approach ensures your safety whilst guaranteeing you see continued progression.

What's Included?

personal training at home


Our trainers meet you at the place you feel most comfortable, your home. They’ll travel to you to create a totally unique exercise experience based on your specific needs and goals. Plus, they’ll cover every variable necessary to ensure you succeed, long term.

mobile personal training


The benefits don’t stop there, you’ll receive delicious recipes tailored to you plus access to the MPT Nutrition Syllabus, a collection of bite-size lessons guaranteed to improve your eating habits.

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You trainer will also deliver custom-built workouts direct to your smart device. These video workouts are created to supplement your in-person personal training sessions and are designed to ensure you get even better results. We coach you when we’re not with you.

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See unique improvements in your progress every step of the way with the online digital results tracker built into your training app.

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